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Date:26 September 2017 | Author: Admin
angela darmody

Nucky had to die and it had to be Tommy past is present present is past. Relax. But we live in a world in which revenge even in the form of murder is considered a virtue. No actual gangster by that name existed and came into contact w the real Nucky Johnson. Too much Gillian when I would have loved to see the character development of those who were more interesting. TVLINE Lastly what has it been like to say goodbye to these characters mdash and the show itself mdash for you personally br Its very bittersweet

Great job. I cried because a yearold boy committed cold blooded murder for revenge. thought Nucky might ride off into the sunset. No one escapes. If it hadnt been the one the other was right there waiting for him

Yeah that part got me too. What goes around comes around will miss watching this show this has been one of my favorites. Im sorry Rev you just have to tidy up your comment. But then we just felt like the more powerful conclusion to that story was to have him die at the hand of Jimmys son. Gillian was a universallyloathed skank until your heart was torn asunder by the sweet yearold in the flashbacks. Maybe Margarets. I almost felt sorry for him in that moment but not quite. I agree with you. Lansky and Luciano put out a hit requesting two men be used and that it be done in public. There is nothing else good on TV these days. But if it was truly nbsplife in prison then yeah if I was thinking like Nicky I might be like Maybe its time to cash in. Please renewRenew Renew Renew Renew by farExcellent show hats off. Holy Cow I really didnt realize that tonight was the finale I realized it once Nucky was being shot up. Glad all little people were taken care of Eli and Mrs

He had it coming for the longest time and it was andy offutt irwin fitting that Tommy was the one to do it. I imagine that the final scene where the young Nucky is swimming deep to catch a coin and finally achieving it in his mind before dying yet never swimming back up for air meant that in his dying dream he finally got the prize. The tattoo her advanced tactical abilities and language skills leads Weller to believe she may be ex military. Everything else I could take or leave really but the Tommy thing was fine with me. So some things were true in the series and some werent. Excellent ending to a very good series. And that prize was his own restful and perhaps merciful death. the acting was awesome Steve Buscemi was amazing but the past two seasons have been painfully agonizing at times. Richard made certain she did not leave a lasting influence on Tommy. Just an incredible performance. Borden Ukweli Roach provides support Ankidrive for Jane although fascinated by this unique case he is sensitive to the trauma suffered by his patient. To all the ActorsActressesProducers and crewThank YouThis animal crossing margie website is dedicated to the memory of my two dear friends Sandy Duncan and Shyama Peebles who both passed away in

angela darmody

To make him seem nervous and unknowing what Margaret was doing was very unbelievable. TVLINE Lastly what has it angie aparo been like to say goodbye to these characters mdash and the show itself mdash for you personally br Its very bittersweet. TVLINE Some angell conwell sexy viewers suspected early on that Joe was Tommy mdash did you count on that happening Travis Tope is nbspa deadringer for a young Michael Pitt. It was his lack of empathy and penchant for solving all of lifes problems with the almighty dollar that did him in in the end at the hands of the very grandson of his original sin the son of the man who helped shape the latter half of Nuckys life and who Nucky ends up killing. He was a monster but he wasnt a complete psycho. And we were never looking to make moral judgments on people or punish everyone for every bad deed. Did you know that going in br We knew it several years ago

Maybe Margarets. And Im really proud of how that turned out. Hopefully Margretts mill richer with nuckys passing. TVLINE Margaret and Nucky dancing atop The Eldorado mdash what was going through his mind right before they were interrupted

The prequel to the godfather and both with a moral message about the cost and tragedy of criminality. Jillian was no longer there whether from the experimental surgery orremember her letter last anet testing week She another broken egg tallahassee was losing herself and her Anita harrow psychomotor domain mind bit by bit. Not just Americansif you are anti you are free to go away. We did exactly the show we wanted to do. The Doctors had already operated on Gillian and Nucky took weeks to open the letter he received prior to seeing her. This episode was great. Yes Im Totally agreeing with you on this one This is why I cant believe they actually killed him off. Gonna miss boardwalk empire Never thought Jimmys kid would end up killing nucky Wonder how he knew that it was nucky who killed his father. Trusting very few people Weller and Jane must work together to unravel the road map on Janes body. Full circle. So maybe he was just thinking about What might have been if he had been able to grab one back in the dayI was kinda figuring out that it was comings or Nuky but I kept believing that well theyre just trying to make us think that it might happen but theres just no way they were going to Kill off Nuky Well I was shocked Im totally upset they killed him off. The actor who played Capone was fantastic This is one of thoes shows that I will look forward to watching the entire series over and over Oh Boardwalk

angela darmody

Theres a andy mill and chris evert big difference between and. I cant believe its over I really enjoyed Angelcigs this show What will I watch now They need an Al Capone spin off. Jail or death. What goes around comes around will miss watching this show this has been one of my favorites. Gillian was a universallyloathed skank until your heart was torn asunder by the sweet yearold in the flashbacks

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    What an amazing series. The idea of eating cheese sandwiches for the rest of my life might not be so great. Thats the kind of thing that could easily have gone completely wrong. Young Gillian is the one I feel truly sorry for. Excuse me but are you highYou do know it was a TV show right With viewers who perhaps heard of Joseph Kennedy Al Capone Lucky Lucianoand in this great series they could have put them all in the same room with Nucky

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